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    Have one of your windows been broken? Maybe you’ve spotted a chip and you’re concerned it could quickly become a crack? Whatever you need us for – Glass Express can help. We’re fast, honest and affordable enough for all budgets.

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  • How would you like to talk with a glass repair expert that genuinely wants to help you today? Give our friendly team a quick call.

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  • We proudly offer world-class glass maintenance, repair, replacement and installation services - for home and commercial property owners with all types of budgets.

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  • Our team are all fully licensed, qualified and experienced in the field of glass window repair and we are proud to provide a satisfaction guarantee.

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  • Glass Repair 24/7

    Is there anything quite as terrifying as the prospect of having thousands of shards of glass explode within your living room? Maybe you have kids and pets, or perhaps you are concerned for your own welfare – whatever your reason, leaving a glass panel exposed to damage can be incredibly dangerous. At Glass Express, we want nothing more than to help you to relax in your home and this is why we prioritise our 24 hour glass repairing services above all else.

    We’re fast and efficient, in fact that’s what’s in our name, and if we can’t help you to enjoy a safe and comfortable home by ensuring that your glass is in perfect condition, then we aren’t doing our job right. We genuinely care about your schedule, your lifestyle and your budget - and that’s why our family run business will do everything in our power to minimise your stress and save you money.

    We’re the number one providers in Melbourne for a reason and that’s because we genuinely know what goes into a fantastically well-rounded service. Why not get in touch with us right now to learn more?